We are a small, independent consultancy based in Sydney, here because we believe good ideas and causes ought to be heard, ideally as part of a conversation.

Our background in research and communications has convinced us of the need for better links between the two. We hope edetä can be part of that. We have a track-record in social and business-to-business research, impact evaluations, developing fundraising campaigns and content.

edetä was founded by researcher and writer Camilla Chaudhary. After graduating from Cambridge University, Camilla started her research career at the National Centre for Social Research in London, and subsequently at niche consultancies specialising in economic and corporate research.

Her work combines creative and analytical roles, servicing clients from publishing to IT, and not-for-profits of all sizes, working with organisations including Alzheimer’s Australia, UNSW, Wesley Mission and The Citizens’ Foundation.

We’d love to hear about your project! You can reach us by emailing camilla@edeta.com.au


edetä is a Finnish word, meaning to make progress, take a step forward, advance. We chose it, apart from the obvious reason, out of homage to those most profound and excellent thinkers, the Moomins, and also because there are no good English domain names left.