Unfinished business

Recent research finds we’re a lot better at starting books than finishing them. So should we worry this makes us bad readers? Probably not…

Dementia Care in the Acute Hospital Setting

This report provides a summary of recent Australian research by leading researchers and experts. It identifies key issues and strategies to improve the quality of hospital care for patients and carers.

Mind Over Matter?

How meditation can alter gene expression (PDF)

Developing a fundraising campaign for smaller not-for-profits: nine key considerations

If you’re a small or community-based not-for-profit, designing and launching a fundraising campaign can be a shot in the dark. Here, we’ve distilled some of the key lessons we’ve learned from designing, refining and evaluating campaigns. Happy fundraising!

One book – or multiple?

Are you a cat or a dog person? You know without having to think too hard. As readers we fall just as readily into two categories; people who read one book at a time and people who read several. At edetä we asked why…

New, old books

Great news for forgotten/dead authors – and for readers – is the recent trend for reviving lost classic novels. Where do they come from? And who decides what gets rebooted? edetä did some delving…